St. Constantin Hotel - Covid-19 Info

Our employees have attended special courses for COVID-19 from the university of Crete and research Center and got certificates for the aknowledge of the matter. Almost all our staff has been vaccinated and are all self tested twice a week. Every day our staff is having their body temperatures checked and measured. Personnel that have been in touch with a suspicious case do not come to work. Our employees work with personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves. Permanent disinfection of all areas of the hotel and perform daily with alcohol and chlorine-based products.

Disinfecting units and masks are provided to the guests upon the arrival in the reception. Our guests are advised to wear masks in general areas of the hotel. There are hand sanitizer dispensers all around the hotel for Mrs. and accessible to guests. Suitcases are carried by our grooms wear masks and disposable gloves.

Guest Rooms
Our employees while cleaning rooms use personal protective equipment and clothing with antiviral disinfection. Due to restrictions of COVID-19 the cleaning of the rooms and change of the linens will be performed upon request to minimize contamination.

For the cleaning of our pools and the surrounding areas we follow all the regulations and protocols of COVID-19 daily which the Greek government imposes. Every night we clean and disinfect the surrounding area as well as the sun beds.

The areas of the restaurants are disinfected regularly as well as our buffets. In our kitchen the preparation of the food is done with maximum cleaningness and according to the regulations of the EU.